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Here at Kitchen Star Remodeling Houston, we set out to bring our expertly trained engineers and designers with years of experience to Houston homes at an affordable price.

Why Choose Us?

Revitalize Your Kitchen

Whether your current kitchen needs a remodeling or an update with contemporary looks, we can help in the design and fitting process. Perhaps you require more space, want an island in the middle of your kitchen for chopping, or even more natural light, we’ve got you covered.

Upgrade To Modern Luxuries

Perhaps you like your kitchen’s design but require a few pieces of modern technology that are designed to add a premium feel and make your life just that little bit easier. From quietly-closing draws to powerful garbage disposal, we stock it all.

Insurance Replacement

In the unfortunate event that some damage has been done to your home but insurance is covering the costs - great! We’ve helped countless customers get the kitchens back up-and-running with a rapid turnaround.

Our Service Areas

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