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When thinking about the whole kitchen renovation and redecoration, one must have a checklist. The list will most likely include designs for flooring, appliances, cabinets, and countertops.

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How distinct a kitchen makes yours is always a key to remember. All of the concepts that you are thinking of can be incorporated in many ways. And having a personalized element makes your kitchen your favorite room in the entire house.

This article will highlight some of the commonly asked questions when doing a custom kitchen remodel.

Are glass cabinets the right choice?

The glass cabinet creates a contrast that is beautiful using a range of door styles. Using two-tone cupboards between the top and lower doors adds a distinction. It will break the monochromatic look of the overall theme of our kitchen containers.

Showing our favorite dishes and decors can be achieved with glass cabinets. It can be a collection of glassware or ceramics. Hiding everything behind is already out of style. If you want to go out of the traditional way, custom-built glass cabinets are a must-have.

Are open shelves a must-have?

Most households have wall-mounted cabinets in their homes. But it does not necessarily mean that we should have one too. One thing that can give life to our kitchen is the idea of having open shelves.

Open shelves are commonly placed above the countertops and preparation spaces. These are easy to access and easy to reach as well—no need to open that cabinet to get that glassware. It saves us more time doing other essential chores at home.

Another purpose of an open shelf is to display arts and pieces that add beauty to our pantry. We can place all those decorative accents like cookbooks and pottery pieces that are hidden somewhere. The frame can be simple, or you can be creative as well using different finishes.

Is customized storage a solution?

If you want to have an organized pantry, this is an excellent solution for all kitchen owners. These can be a roll-out drawer or a cookware and utensil bin base organizer.

Despite having so many items in your cook room, this will help you arrange everything in order.

Having these customized storages can help your kitchen look neat and pleasing to the eyes.

Is it necessary for a custom kitchen?

When hosting a family gathering during a holiday or a simple dinner party with friends, wine storage is a must-have. We can name many ways to store those bottles of wine, but it all comes down to our desired style and layout.

Nowadays, we spend our time almost every day at home – working, bonding with our children, or merely baking our favorite cookies.

There are several reasons why you should choose a custom kitchen. We have listed five options for you to choose from:

Design Variation

When you think of kitchen renovations, it is better to go for those customized. There are varieties of designs that you can choose from. We should think of the most suitable design that will suit our taste.


When you have a customized kitchen, it must have a unique design. It can be similar to the structures in your friend’s kitchen or try to be different. Ask a professional kitchen contractor if you want a more precise concept regarding this matter.

Maximize the space

One of the advantages of having a custom kitchen is the utilization of space. If everything is well-planned, you can utilize all the available space in your pantry. In working with a professional, we will ensure all open spaces will be maximized and not put to waste.


You can go for a custom-build design kitchen if you have a considerable budget on hand. You want all the components to have the best and highest utilization. In so many ways, custom kitchens can be multi-functional.

Long term value

When you think of kitchen renovation, you will opt for the best materials and equipment. When having a custom kitchen, you can decide almost everything – from the budget and materials to the latest designs and styles.

Why should you hire a professional kitchen specialist?

Kitchen Star Remodeling Houston is your one-stop-shop for all your interior remodeling requirements.

We have been serving the kitchen owners in Houston for many years now. We can say that we are the best with what we do, try to ask around.

Our kitchen remodel experts have years of experience and can handle all your needs and wishes to renovate your lovely kitchen. Remodeling a pantry can be a challenging task, but not for us!

We will simplify everything for you. We are always available, contact us soon!

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