How Much Does A Kitchen Remodel Cost In Houston?

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How Much Does A Kitchen Remodel Cost In Houston?

A lovely and spacious kitchen is often the center of a beautiful home.

Refreshing kitchen design and interior often give an aura of invigoration and tranquillity.

A kitchen is indeed a great place to bond with your family as well as your guests.

However, no matter how good your kitchen is, it may still need some renovation.

Different kitchen styles and interiors featured in magazines and TVs give you ideas on how you can remodel your kitchen.

Do you think you have an outdated kitchen style?

Then, it is probably high time to start remodeling it!

Let’s add vibrance to your kitchen by redecorating it.

Don’t let your worries about the cost stop you from calling us!

Kitchen Star Remodeling Houston offers the most affordable kitchen remodel in Houston.

Our team of kitchen remodel specialists are experts in handling kitchen renovation and design.

You might wonder, how much does a kitchen remodel cost in Houston?

Calculating the expenses might get you worried, but here are rough estimates of kitchen remodel:

Small Kitchens

Price usually varies on the type of repair and remodeling.

If you plan to remodel the whole kitchen, a rough estimate will cost you eight to twelve thousand dollars.

This cost can cover countertops extension as well as the installation of cabinets, windows, and doors.

Appliances, lighting upgrades, ceiling, and floorings, are also remodeled according to your preferences.

Average Kitchens

Kitchen remodeling costs depend on the total area of the kitchen.

Usually, a larger kitchen costs a lot compared to a small one.

The average-sized kitchen ranges from fifteen thousand to thirty thousand dollars to remodel.

Materials, labor, and professional fees are all included in the total costs.

However, we still recommend having an extra budget in case you decide to do more remodeling.

High-End Kitchens

Got a large and spacious kitchen to remodel?

Large kitchens with state-of-the-art interiors and design will definitely cost a lot.

Thus, how much does a kitchen remodel cost in Houston for large spaces?

Well, it usually ranges from thirty to fifty-five thousand dollars.

Everything from the ceilings down to the floorings is changed and remodeled.

Cabinets and even appliances are all brand new once you choose everything to remodel.

We understand the price of having a kitchen renovation can be upsetting, but with Kitchen Star Remodeling Houston, you can get the best offer!

As such, we let homeowners decide whether we do a whole kitchen renovation or just the design and interiors.

Doors and Windows

One way to lower down the cost of kitchen redecorating is by retaining the old doors and windows.

If you decide to use the same doors and windows, we’ll clean them for you.

We’ll make them shiny and as good as new to blend with your new kitchen.


Placing appliances in the kitchen makes it look luxurious and comfortable.

However, this does not mean that you should get the latest trendy item for your kitchen.

Old appliances that are in pristine condition are still great to use!

We’ll make sure to put it in the right places to ensure mobility and good traffic in the kitchen.


Retaining your cabinets can actually cut your renovation costs.

However, since our goal is an utmost quality of the renovation, we might suggest painting and glazed finishing.

Cabinets will surely look new with the finishing touches, blending in with your interiors.

So, how much does a kitchen remodel cost in Houston?

You must have an idea by now.

Continuing, do you want to know where your payment goes when you hire a contractor?

How am I Charged by Contractors for Kitchen Remodeling?

Contractors charged clients according to the design and kind of the renovation they wanted.

For instance, materials, labor, and interior make up the primary cost of renovation.

If you choose a marble countertop or plan to install a kitchen island, you might incur higher charges.

Why Choose Kitchen Star Remodeling Houston?

Kitchen remodeling is definitely our thing!

Thus, never hesitate to call us when it comes to kitchen remodeling and renovation.

Our team will be happy to discuss the plans, layout, and cost of the renovation.

Do you have a specific budget for the renovation?

Don’t hesitate to tell us so we know how we can further assist you.

Call Kitchen Star Remodeling Houston now for a contemporary kitchen design!

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