Main Line Kitchen Design For A Large Area

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Main Line Kitchen Design For A Large Area

A spacious kitchen is something everyone wants to have.

Having a big dining area, extended countertops, and probably kitchen islands sounds really great!

Well, not until you need to make some renovation and remodeling, prompting you to wish for smaller ones.

We understand you feel like you have an overly large kitchen to remodel, which may be costly compared to small ones.

However, having a large kitchen is way functional and has lots of benefits.

For instance, you won’t have a problem placing your sink, stove, or your refrigerator.

Having a spacious kitchen allows you to properly plan fixtures and appliances, which is essential in what we call the kitchen triangle.

This is known as the basis of functional kitchen layout and design.

The kitchen triangle refers to how the sink, stove, and refrigerator form a triangle.

Large kitchens are said to house two chefs at a time, compared to small ones where one chef is sufficient.

With this said and done, it is advisable to form two kitchen triangles.

The Importance Of The Kitchen Triangle

The kitchen triangle is essential in planning the layout of the kitchen.

We, Kitchen Star Remodeling Houston, follow this rule to ensure the sink, cooking top, and refrigerator connects to form a triangle.

Since the kitchen is spacious, we can form two separate triangles.

Through this basis, we can add a main line kitchen design for a large area and space.

The best way to make two triangles is to place a center island that serves as another cooking area.

We know you don’t want to put things too close nor too far from each other.

Hence, we ensure to create a functional workstation best suited to your needs.

Best Way to Add Main Line Kitchen In Large Areas


Adding a kitchen island is one way to maximize the area.

However, the design and distance of the island from your sink and refrigerator are crucial.

Having a kitchen island is really great as it may serve a dual purpose.

It is excellent as an additional space for dining that you can use, especially when guests are present.

It can also serve as a sink for washing the dishes and a countertop when cooking from the oven.

Lighting Design

The task lighting is another factor in kitchen remodel.

You may want mood lighting for better illumination.

When cooking, for example, you might want a brighter glow, while you prefer a softer and dimmed light when having an intimate dinner with your spouse.

Typically, you can’t think of this factor if you do the renovation alone.

With kitchen remodel specialists from our team, the fittest main line kitchen design for a large area is present.

Beyond Cabinetry

We understand cabinets are great to fill in spaces in the kitchen.

However, there are other ways on how to do that.

Creating an entertainment area or a large pantry as such will not just fill the gap, but most importantly, it adds additional kitchen functionality.

You can even try putting in added appliances or another space for guests, like an entertainment area.

Larger Appliances

Instead of having a combined freezer and refrigerator, why not consider buying separate ones?

It does not have to be a combination, right?

We know you have been dreaming of a nice stove, so why not purchase a 6-burner type?

Flexible Layouts

A large kitchen allows you to have good traffic in the kitchen.

Your guests can enjoy the area while you are still cooking or preparing.

It feels great to cook without being bumped by someone, right?

Why Choose Us For Your Kitchen Renovation Needs?

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Got a large kitchen to remodel and don’t have an idea about the main line kitchen design for a large area?

Our team can handle it, so call us now!

We know you want to add vibrant and functionality to your large kitchen!

Don’t wait for another year to make it happen.

Let’s start your kitchen remodel today!

Give us a call, and we will be glad to discuss our concepts and ideas on how to improve your kitchen.

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