Adding Texture To Your Main Line Kitchen Design

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Adding Texture To Your Main Line Kitchen Design

Kitchen layout, check!

Color design, check!

Cabinets and fixtures, check!


Wait, should texture also be included in a kitchen renovation?

Our answer is yes!

The process of having a kitchen remodel done involves complex planning, with lots of things to consider.

However, the texture is something frequently forgotten.

Remember, every little thing in a kitchen makes an impact.

Thus, if you want an impeccable renovation, always ask assistance from our kitchen remodel specialists.

As your kitchen remodel contractor, we make sure not to overlook a thing.

We believed every single detail is essential in building your dream kitchen.

Why Texture is Important in Kitchen Design

A texture hugely helps in adding depth and warmth between interior spaces.

It’s an essential element if the design scheme of the kitchen is monochromatic.

Even modern kitchens with sleek designs may end up looking flat without adding any textures.

Shiny and smooth kitchen surfaces may also wind up without any touch of textures and finishing!

How to Add Texture to Your Kitchen

Use Patterns

One best way of adding texture to your main line kitchen design is through patterns.

To achieve this look, we make sure to add patterns and styles.

For example, glossy countertops, backsplash, and cabinets on the same shades look off.

Moreover, to give an impression of texture and dimension, we may opt to use multi-colored tiles for the backsplash, creating small lines.

By doing this, we are creating a warmer design and pattern for your kitchen!

Mix and Match the Elements

Another key to adding texture to your main line kitchen design is when we mix and match the materials we use.

Marbles, woods, glass, stones, and metals are what we use to renovate in kitchen remodeling.

Typically, you will decide what type of material to use in the kitchen.

You may opt for a marble or rose quartz countertop, but never use it on the floor or backsplash.

If you want to mix up the components, having wooden floors, a brick wall, or small tiles would create the perfect balance between the materials.

Beadboard Paneling

To add texture to flat and smooth surfaces, we highly recommend beadboard panels.

Do you want to have an island bar in the kitchen without looking off?

Well, we recommend beadboard paneling for an attractive finish and style.

Beadboard Paneling will look great in cabinets as well as backsplash.

Instead of sticking to boring flat walls, try beadboard panels to spice it up!

Glazed Touches

Dull-looking cabinets?

Well, there is nothing to worry about; we can make it look new and glassy!

Another way to add texture to your cabinets is by adding a glazed finish in varying colors and strokes.

This will enhance the dramatic effect of your kitchen.

We can also add dimension to your backsplash by adding some glazed finish.

Why endure having a dull-looking kitchen when our team can brighten it up with glazed finishing?

Details, and More Details

If you plan on adding texture to your main line kitchen design, the overall details are the key.

By this, we mean everything you see in the kitchen.

The cabinets, lighting fixtures, sink, and even the handles and doorknobs are things that should be paid attention to!

Dark-colored cabinets look great with light-colored countertops for they create balance and exude a touch of elegance.

By now, you already have an idea of how we can turn your old kitchen into something new and beautiful.

Whether it is a simple expansion or renovation, our team can definitely help to achieve the best kitchen design for your kitchen.

We understand the cost of remodeling keeps you from calling us.

Well, we’ve got news for you!

Our company offers the most affordable kitchen remodel in town!

When it comes to the best contractors, Kitchen Star Remodeling Houston is what you need!

When Should You Call US?

Planning your kitchen remodel looks simple, but this is only until you start doing it!

If you want to remodel your kitchen without forgetting small details, call Kitchen Star Remodeling Houston today!

We’ll make sure to create a spacious and vibrant kitchen for your family.

Why go through all the hassles of planning, renovating, and cleaning all the mess when we can do it all for you?

Do you think your kitchen is a little one-dimensional to comfort?

We can make it comfortable according to your liking.

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