Pet-friendly Features to Add to Your Kitchen Remodel

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Pet-friendly Features to Add to Your Kitchen Remodel

Having a pet in the house is certainly a delight to any and all residents.

They love and snuggles they give provide comforting companionship and heart-warming feelings.

Pet-friendly houses and people can attest to this.

If you are alone and by yourself, getting a pet can significantly improve and cure melancholic moods.

The best cure for loneliness often comes in the form of getting a pet to accompany you.

A home can feel less empty with a little companion by your side.

If you are a homeowner who bears lots of love and care for your animal friends, you will probably know that your home must be pet-friendly as well.

If you are new to the idea of being a parent to an animal, you should first make sure that your home is a safe shelter for your pet.

It should suit them well and protectively.

All areas of the home, especially the kitchen, must be pet-friendly.

Remodeling the kitchen may be necessary to ensure a friendly environment for your pet.

However, if you are thinking of remodeling the kitchen already, then you should consider some features that may be great for your pets.

As a guide, here are some of the best pet-friendly features to incorporate into your kitchen remodel:

1. Built-in pet crate

Pets often wander into the kitchen to accompany us when cooking or cleaning.

Oftentimes, the kitchen can serve as a home in itself when they stay for long periods.

To give them comfort, a built-in crate or bed for them to rest in may be good furnishing.

When they follow you into the kitchen, they can simply lie down on the bed to get comfortable.

If you want the best for your little friends, try some pet-friendly features.

2. Pull-out food and water dishes

When you eat, it is important that your pet is fed as well.

This includes providing a food and water dish for them.

However, these dishes may be knocked over in the kitchen, especially if you are in a hurry or by plain accident.

This means more cleaning for you.

If you want something for your pet to go with your kitchen renovation, you can dedicate a particular spot to place their food and water dishes in.

This way, by giving them more importance, running into them will not be an issue.

Some pet-friendly features to add to your kitchen remodel can significantly show your love and care for them.

3. Rugs and runners

In addition to beds, a rug or a runner can be a source of comfort for pets.

They can curl up on top of them whenever they want to for warmth and comfort.

Pets sometimes stray from their beds to find other areas where they can rest.

A rug or a runner is an excellent additional option.

These pet-friendly features to add to your kitchen remodel can be an extra source of solace for animal friends.

4. Pet-friendly surfaces

There are some surfaces in the kitchen that may be too rough and uncomfortable for pets.

Thus, you will want to consider the importance of their friendliness to your pets as well.

The kitchen can be a place for them to relax, but if the surface is not comfortable, this might discourage them from taking visits.

There are also surfaces that are more easily soiled when they come into contact with fur or paw prints.

Keeping these in mind, remember to choose a surface or a finish that will not get too dirty when an animal latches on to it.

5. Kitchen hardware

Sharp objects are unfriendly to both pets and human beings.

It is essential to steer clear of them in home design.

You can do this by selecting knobs over pulls so your canine and whisky friends don’t get their paws caught up in them.

Polished finishes can also get dirty from pet footprints, so you may want to avoid these too.

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